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Lavender Sleep Mist

Lavender Sleep Mist

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This signature aroma blend has been co-created with Mr. Aprameya Rajput, India’s first and only certified Clinical Sleep Counselor, certified by BRPT, USA. A soothing blend of essential oils of Lavender, Frankincense and Cedarwood; this Sleep Mist is designed to help calm the mind and induce a more relaxing sleep.

“I have worked with Siachen to formulate a signature Sleep Mist which helps to calm the mind before going to sleep. We tested various aroma blends for their effect on sleep quality, with 3 key clinical parameters in mind - reduction in sleep latency, improvement in REM sleep, and improvement in Deep Sleep. The final product was one with the best test results, including -

  1. 96% people found this blend to be most soothing and calming for their senses
  2. 92% people experienced reduction in Sleep Latency with a mean 21% reduction in time taken to fall asleep
  3. 88% people experience improvement in Deep Sleep and REM Sleep with a mean increase in Deep Sleep by 14 mins and REM Sleep by 11 mins
  4. 94% people felt more refreshed and relaxed in the morning

In short, this Sleep Mist helps induce a more calming and refreshing sleep!”


Aprameya Rajput

Clinical Sleep Health Counselor

CCSH (Certified by BRPT & AASM)

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