Lavender Sleep Mist

Lavender Sleep Mist

Calms the Mind for Relaxing Sleep

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This signature aroma blend has been co-created with Mr. Aprameya Rajput, India’s first and only certified Clinical Sleep Counselor, certified by BRPT, USA. A soothing blend of essential oils of Lavender, Frankincense and Cedarwood; this Sleep Mist is designed to help calm the mind and induce a more relaxing sleep.

“I have worked with Siachen to formulate a signature Sleep Mist which helps to calm the mind before going to sleep. We tested various aroma blends for their effect on sleep quality, with 3 key clinical parameters in mind - reduction in sleep latency, improvement in REM sleep, and improvement in Deep Sleep. The final product was one with the best test results, including -

  1. 96% people found this blend to be most soothing and calming for their senses
  2. 92% people experienced reduction in Sleep Latency with a mean 21% reduction in time taken to fall asleep
  3. 88% people experience improvement in Deep Sleep and REM Sleep with a mean increase in Deep Sleep by 14 mins and REM Sleep by 11 mins
  4. 94% people felt more refreshed and relaxed in the morning

In short, this Sleep Mist helps induce a more calming and refreshing sleep!”


Aprameya Rajput

Clinical Sleep Health Counselor

CCSH (Certified by BRPT & AASM)

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100% Natural & Organic

Cruelty Free & Not Tested on Animals

Freshly Handmade in India

No Parabens, Sulphate, Artificial Fragrances

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Asha Jayan
Asha Jayan
Your face mask is amazing and gave me an absolutely amazing glow. Thank you for making me look so pretty! Love your products
Neha Malhotra
Neha Malhotra
Tried this face mask from Siachen with all natural and organic ingredients and absolutely loved the glow on my face! Skin feels soft , refreshed and weekend ready!
Riddhi Manchanda
Riddhi Manchanda
I love the organic hibiscus hair serum. Have been using it and it has really finessed the texture of my hair. Also unlike other generic oil-based hair serums, I don't have to worry about my hair getting oily since this is water based. 
Rutuja Kagwade
Rutuja Kagwade
The face serum works great for my skin! Been using it for almost 10 days now and face is visibly clearer. Plus skin feels extremely soft and smooth.